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Boxing Gloves HQ - Guide for ever

Welcome to Boxing Gloves HQ!

This is the site that caters solely for those with an interest in boxing, and more specifically boxing gloves.Boxing has come a long way since the days of bare fisticuffs, and boxing gloves are an integral part of both training and competition. Boxing gloves are like cushioned mittens, used to protect both the wearer and his or her opponent.

Today’s boxing gloves are available in different styles and weights for particular uses. Speed gloves are relatively light and are used to protect the hands when training with a speed bag or doing other light training. Bag gloves are used in most types of training. They are slightly heavier and more cushioned than speed gloves to offer protection when training with heavier punch bags. Both these types of training gloves can be made from vinyl or leather, and weigh 12, 14 or 16 oz.

Sparring gloves are worn to protect the hands of the wearer and the face of the opponent. Sparring gloves are worn in practice fighting bouts and weigh between 14 and 20 oz. The heavier weight is not only designed to offer more protection. As with many sports, practicing with a heavier weight builds strength and when lighter gloves are worn for competition, the fighter is able to execute the same moves, but faster and with more accuracy.

Professional fighting gloves are most often made of leather, and are less padded. While training gloves are often fastened with Velcro to make it easier to remove them during training, professional fighting gloves are laced up. In competition the laces are sealed with tape which is signed by an official. This ensures that there has been no tampering with the gloves, such as slipping additional weight into it. Hand wraps are often worn under boxing gloves in competitive bouts. These wraps stabilise the fist, an area susceptible to injury in boxing.

Boxing gloves are available in children’s, ladies’ and men’s sizes, and a variety of colours are readily available. If you are looking to compete, make sure that your fighting gloves follow the regulations of the relevant fighting association, as many specify the weight, amount of leather used in the glove and how much support the gloves provide.

Today’s boxing gloves include innovations such as breathable mesh palms and suspension cushioning. As a beginner you may not need the latest and greatest – and usually the most expensive – gloves, but their use is directly related to injury incidence, so you won’t want to skimp on quality either.

When you try the gloves on, they should be comfortable and should not pinch your fingers. Once fastened, either with Velcro or laces, the gloves should not slip around on your hand. Caring for your gloves is quite easy. Avoid getting the leather wet, as it may crack, and do not apply any chemicals to the leather. The biggest problem with boxing gloves is that your hands do sweat in them and after time this can lead to unpleasant odours. The best prevention is to air the gloves immediately after use. Rather than stowing them in a bag or cupboard, hang the gloves in an airy place where they can dry out properly.

Boxing gloves should not be confused with mixed martial arts gloves. Boxing gloves are designed like mittens, with only the thumb separated. MMA gloves, sometimes called grappling gloves, leave the fingers free. Although they do provide some padding, grappling gloves do not offer sufficient protection for boxing. Some MMA gloves have enclosed finger sleeves, but you would never wear a mitten for MMA training or competing.

Beginners will need quality boxing gloves that offer support as well as protection while they build the necessary strength in their hands and arms. Bag gloves will suffice for most training and until you are ready for your first real fight, you will not need much else. If you are getting into boxing for the first time, don’t forget to get a gum guard while you’re shopping – no matter what glove hits you, you’ll want to save your teeth!

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